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23 May 2013 @ 12:54 pm
man, pull your own weight

Because on the few times the silver lining won't shine for your sake, you have to be your own light

Because on the unfortunate event the road to your dreams suddenly cracks, crumbles down right before you, you have to pile the dust up high and climb up high and fall back down flying.

Only then will you realize that flying was not only meant for those with wings but for those brave enough to jump off the brink...

가자! 날자! :D

(or so i believe.)
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dear friends,

let me temporarily bask in your never ending supply of free time and free sunshine.

let your eyes be my eyes as you appreciate our country and out Earth.

let your ears be my ears as birds start praising the coming of dawn on an early morning climb.

let your nose be my nose as you breathe in the breeze from the ocean you are about to explore

let me feel the excitement as you recall the time you decided to be acquainted with gravity by jumping off a plane.

let me tag myself in your uploaded photos.

let me go green with envy.

someday, i will finally get to experience things first hand.

someday, i will finally be able to reply "Yes" with confidence to your invitations.

someday, it will be me who will take you all on random road trips, on unplanned Ilocos vacations, on the much coveted midnight train to Bicol.

someday, i will own time.

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12 October 2012 @ 09:14 am
never mind the heart and all that crap.

another part of my anatomy hurts. this might be termed as aging for some biased reason. i call it life---an unbalanced one, most like.

the lower torso has seen better days. i feel like it has been eons since last i've witnessed those particular days. sleeping late. girl cycles. sleeping at weird angles a yoga prof would be proud of. should i count stress in on one of the factors for such a devastatingly painful way of living? gah. this sucks. i might be on the rigth path though. the path tread on by the many aswangs in my province. those that can separate right across the middle and fly off under a full moon, leaving waist-down-to-toes part. ahhh. this might be good. i've dreamed/hoped of flying since childhood. if i can't be a doctor, then i'll fly. ooooh. "if pigs can fly..."? come visit #55 Lt J Francisco St one full moon night. we might both see wonders.
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28 September 2012 @ 12:18 am
suddenly at that...

and dear Inertia decides things for you and how your body falls to flat cold surface. smack down.
pity you.

then some force of nature brings you back up. a wind, kind of strong, soothing, warm to the touch.
lucky you.

i wonder where i'll be when my wheel stops. might be somewhere in between, nowhere in particular.
pity me.

the wind is always strong where i am. hope it won't die down with the wheel. but the pretty stuff are not always on my side of the street. its gonna take a few while and a few free falls for me to say
...lucky me.
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16 September 2012 @ 01:33 pm
I'm on night shift and I can't sleep even with the perfect conditions: dim light + soft music + cool temp.

The fangirl mode has kicked in so here goes a bit of a story telling about that one day in the year I turned 10.

I came home from school and everything seemed pretty normal. Until...

Twin cousins (TC), 18 y.o. perhaps: hey!
A slightly smaller version of me (M): hi! *cramming myself in between them to join in on the tv watching*
TC: you NEED to watch this
M: need?? o.O why?
TC: why?! 'Cause this is history right here. This is Japanese history.

And so with wide eyes and deep curiousity, I did. I watched Rurouni Kenshin with them and grew to love everything Japanese (sans all those uncooked dishes) from then on.

I did learn the history as promised. Even more. Heh. I was an expert even before it was tackled at school. I knew
- that Edo was once Japan's capital
- that prefectures worked like provinces
- that samurai was a class and not just some random sword-wielder
- that eras like Meiji, Tokugawa existed....and oh. Restoration Period too
- that we all have bestfriends for life
- that you needed more than belief in God to be a Christain in early Japan
(- that Himura Kenshin was (IS!) one amazing guy. love bloomed)
Weeeeell. What this is all REALLY about is my current deepest of desires (after the two weeks' obsession with Ian Somerhalder which still hasn't ended btw) ---> to watch Battousai the Slasher in the big screen.


Kthanksbye. ♥
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02 August 2012 @ 08:12 am
I taught a really handsome kid way back in college. He looked a lot like a young Paul McCartney. He was around 7 at that time. His name is Jaime.

One tutorial sched, we were finished early and were talking about random things: from Batman to chocolate chip cookies and back.And as randomness could go, he suddenly said: have you ever thought about the name of your future kids?

"Are you kidding me???," my brain was screaming. A seven year old kid talking like this?

"Uuhhh. Kinda," I told him. "Why'd you ask that?"

"'Cause I know what to name mine. If my kid were a boy, I'd name him Alejandro."

"Same as my dad."

"Really? Cool"

"Yeah. I know. He died when I was your age. ":(
04 June 2012 @ 10:50 pm
For the nth time: your lisp makes you human.

Going along this line, I think we are meant to be together, luv.

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13 January 2012 @ 12:39 am

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19 December 2011 @ 12:28 am
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05 November 2011 @ 06:04 am

I spent five minutes looking for my slippers in my room. I gave up and went outside barefoot. Then I saw them a meter apart from eacb other. Then bam! I remebered i threw them at the cat who (?!) wanted to get inside my room earlier. Yes. I hate cats. They're so clingy ang they steal your food.


I've been staring at the laptop since 10am. It's now 7:01pm. Not the break I had in mind. The planned shopping was postponed until tomorrow.


LSS: you just gotta ignite the light and leeet it shine. Just own the night like the 4th of July. (had a hard time with the last bit of this chorus. Thank God for google. My hearing was more off than the usual. I managed "like the far-fetched you'd lied". I could just imagine the student I used to teach going: Meryl. Meryl. A hearing aid is the least of my priorities. Yes, it crawled its way into the list.)


The dorm has just installed lots of routers. Now I'm online anywhere within its confines. current location:bathroom
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